Are the vehicle brakes becoming non responsive or are they simply not strong as they used to be? Worried about performance with brakes? Get it booked in with DMTC for a check up - lives can be saved with a simple brake inspection and we'll give you a free quote for any work required.


Our MOT centre is open 6 days a week with a dedicated MOT tester. Busy with work? Give us a call as we are flexible with timing and will always have a time slot available to get your MOT booked in. Why not get 2 in 1 and save £££, just get your service done when you book the MOT to get 20% off your bill. -  Saving money @ DMTC!


Oh no! your driving and unknown lights are showing up on the vehicles dashboard! Don't panic, come on down to DMTC and let our experts use our diagnostic equipment to connect to your car and reveal the reason behing the light! It can be anything from faulty sensors to faulty parts so a good idea to let our experts get to the bottom of the problem. We'll even quote you free for any work that's required (fingers crossed hopefully won't be much!). Don't delay the diagnositc test - be rid of those lights!


Vehicle servicing can reduce the risk of a breakdown and keeps your motor running smoothly. Here at DMTC we can obtain all the service parts for you at a cost effective price from the car parts suppliers or you can bring your own (make sure their new!). Why not save money and get your MOT and Servicing done together to get 20% off your bill - Bargain!

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment also known as tracking which is carried out on a vehicle to ensure that the vehicle tyres are in position in guide lines stated by the car manufacturer. So if your reversing/driving and hit a kerb, run into a pot hole, these are just some factors that can determine the handling/safety of your motor. So if your car is pulling to one side, handling seems weak, your tyres seem irregular/worn out - then come see DMTC for our 4 wheel laser alignment to get your vehicle tyres re-aligned, better handling, more safety, and save ££££ on fuel as correct wheel alignment means the the tyres are not getting worn out!


DMTC are proud to assist not just Car users but Van users as well. With our van ramps we are able to take on class 4,5 and 7 vehicles for MOT and maintenance work, so pick up the phone and give us a call if you need an MOT / Maintenance work doing. Like our car users, van users also can get free quotes for any repair work required.

Due for an MOT? Contact us for MOT & Service and start saving 20% off your bill